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Artificial insemination is basically the introduction of the male gamete into the female genital tract. There are many kinds of AI, the most common being the intrauterine insemination. The difference between the various types lies in the point of the genital tract where the sperm is to be introduced. We have basically five kinds of AI:

Intra-cervical Insemination
Intra-uterine Insemination
Intra-tubal Insemination
Intra-peritoneal Insemination
Intra-follicular Insemination

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The cases where artificial insemination is not eligible are:

- Sexual intercourse disorders
- Presence of anti-sperm antibodies
- Changes in the cervical mucus or in the uterine lining
- Endometriosis
- Diminution in sperm number, motility and penetration
- Infertility with no apparent cause
- Absence of sperms in the male partner. A donor sample is thawed, prepared and utilized to find out.

Insemination should be performed at the patient ovulatory period and she may or may not have been submitted to ovulation induction as seen before. Monitoring through ultrasound and hormones checks is necessary.

Studies show that multiple ovulation induction (2 to 3 follicles) when associated to artificial insemination increases the chances of gestation. A study carried in the US in 2002 showed that in the year 2000 the percentage of gestation in patients submitted to intrauterine artificial insemination without ovarian stimulation was 12.5%. At patients submitted to ovarian stimulation the rate soared to 24%.

We generally carry up to 3 artificial inseminations for each case. If after the attempts success is not reached we alternate to more complex techniques such as in vitro fertilization.

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