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A couple is infertile when after keeping regular sexual relations without any contraceptive method for a period of 12 months doesn’t attain success in reaching conception. The monthly probability of a couple to conceive is around 20%. Latest studies indicate that two out of ten couples find problems in conceiving and need treatment. Those couples undergoing treatment some 5% don’t succeed.

In the US in early 20th century the fertility rate was 3.8 children per woman. Presently this rate is 1.8 children. Many factors contributed to his figure, the main important being the wish to postpone parenthood.

Infertility treatments are aimed at improving the chances of a couple to reach parenthood through several techniques and tactics. To do so it’s quite important to build a precise and correct diagnostic of the causes leading to infertility.

Main causes for infertility
Exams in Infertility the Research

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