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Claudia Regina Moretz-Sohn

"I always wanted twins but that was only a dream. I heard that twins would only happen to families with a record of twins, which was not my case, but triplets! That I have never thought about. Chances were rare even with treatment for pregnancy. That is why my husband and I almost fainted when Dr. Ricardo told us that we were going to have triplets. But we would have fainted of happiness: children are the world’s best things. Now, speak of triplets! It’s three times of what life has of best.”
Claudia Regina Moretz-Sohn

Eros Ramos de Almeida wrote the book "Melhor de três - o dia-a-dia de um pai de trigêmeos"

Vera Lucia Galasso Arêas

"It’s my pleasure to write a few words about Dr. Ricardo Sertã. I owe him the greatest emotion of my life: the birth of my daughter. After many trials to get pregnant I met Dr. Ricardo and told him my story. I was seeking parenthood for eighteen years now.

He heard me attentively, performed examinations and studied my tests. He carefully asked me to make all tests again so that he could treat me with the best method. Under his guidance I did everything. And all of a sudden not long after we started I was pregnant. He was unbelievable. I was trying for so many years. I had a wonderful pregnancy and a touching and tranquil delivery. The only thing I can say, with the best of myself, from the bottom of my heart is: Thank you so much Dr. Ricardo. May God illuminate your path forever!”

This patient of yours will certainly never forget you.
Vera Lucia Galasso Arêas

Lina and Mario Van Erven

"Throughout our first three years married we decided to invest on our careers and save some money before having children. On the fourth year we decided to let providence to decide. And nothing happened. We then started our pilgrimage through clinic after clinic in São Paulo. We went to the most renowned specialists and each would give us a different diagnostic. Finally two agreed that I had endometriosis.

- But doctor, what the symptoms are?
- Colic
- I don’t feel colic
- It’s because yours is a very small endometriosis.
- Oh!
- Let’s perform a laparoscopy, collect six eggs, carry an IVF, general anesthesia…. Money, money, money etc…

We set the surgery date for August 8, 1994. I got home and told my mother. She mentioned that Ricardo was coming in from Paris bringing titles and awards for his studies and researches and asked me if I wouldn’t consider his opinion. Well I was in São Paulo, Ricardo in Rio… My mother insisted and took my tests for him to see. Thank God!

He called me and explained my problem was only hormones. He sent me a fax I keep to this date. The fax said in short: “Your problem is low estrogen rate, which is showing in the blood tests (and nobody had seen it, only Ricardo!). Postpone this fertilization for three months, take those medicines and one week vacation in your period…” Well, the result was: on September 10, 1994 I was pregnant with twins. Just like that. I couldn’t believe that only Ricardo found all that out of a plain, simple blood test!

On May 1995 Marina and Luisa were born. Lovely girls! What a joy! They are the result of lots of competency, dedication, professional ethics and some other rare things such as care and a human heart. We are forever thankful.

I recommend all patients to look for physicians with these late characteristics, which in the case of Ricardo, and knowing his and Eunice’s families, I can tell is something he brought from cradle. It’s not easy to find people like him today, that’s why again I thank God we found Ricardo.

In addition to that, eight years later with my system working very well we suffered a case of amnesia concerning the burden that twins are and had another baby, Beatriz, who is one year old now, a cutie!.

We love you Ricardo. We’ll never stop thanking you!
Lina and Mario Van Erven

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